Saturday, November 14, 2015

DomCon Atlanta & Comic-Con Tulsa..."I did what where, a bullet presentation?"

First and foremost thanks to My houseboy Alden who has been a driving force behind Me coming back to update the blog. With that being said I must admit I had the best times in a long time at both DomCon and Comic-Con.

Since I'm not big on fluff and filler I'll be giving My highlights and low-lights of con events in a bullet style so here goes.


  • I have never had more fun or been in more fear for My life than when in Atlanta.
  • For My first professional event I'm happy to say I didn't have a fangirl moment when meeting some of BDSM's elite, nor did I puke (I'm particularly proud of the later).
  •  I learned that I must have a sub with Me at all times when I'm in the vendor's room. If not Mistress Mia becomes a very broke Lady. By the way I'd like to give a very big thank you to Gator's Paddles and Body Painting, Dr. Clockwork's Home for Electrical and Medical Oddities, Whipping Stripes, The Latex Store, and Leather By Danny for all My amazing amazing impulse purchases.
  •  I learned so much from this event that it is damn near scary, lol. The demos were of a caliber that I had yet to see and I was thoroughly impressed.
  • More friends are made naked than clothed...
  • 1763 is an excellent playspace, especially for My baby cousin to loose "her first dildo bought in public" in.
  • Never bring two boys/subs to play or scene together if you haven't confirm they're not related first.
  • Insatiable Amazon is even prettier in person inside and out, and even if you miss the Mistress Dinner she's is hosting she'll be pretty kickass.
  • Mz. Emily is one of the best trans dominas I've ever met and I totally just wanna live in her new dungeon when it's all done.
  • I hate that I missed Mz. Emily's room party and the "Big Black Dick Show"... I have gotta look into that.
  • I learned I'm super sexually attracted to plump butch ladies in leather.
  • I will absolutely be attending DomCon L.A. next year.


  • This was by far My most enjoyed (non BDSM/Fetish) con of the season.
  • I learned that Jason Mewes (Jay of "Jay & Silent Bob) is twenty times funnier in person than in any movie I've seen him in.
  • Phil Lamar has been My fangirl crush since age 15 and I don't believe that fact is gonna change any time in the near future. *** I LOVE VAMP ***, I know only a few of you guys will get that reference ;-)
  • Kevin Conroy was shorter than I imagined, but he is the night,he is vengeance, he's My BATMAN!!!
  • Sidebar *** Phil Lamar's hair smells liked mango while Kevin Conroy smelled like sandalwood.
  • I love scaring random teenagers with My whiteout mesh contacts in local IHOP's.
  • I have to admit I have problems with D&C (drinking & cosplaying), problems like being "Tipsy Michonne" and her one armed walker, lolz XD.
  • The panels were way better than I expected, specifically the JLA: Voices in Your Head, The Bruce Campbell Experience, The Synergy of Video Games, Films, and Books and My personal and super biased fav...Jason Mewes's Secret Stash.
  • And last but not least I cant wait to do another con again but this time its going to be in Atlanta at Dragon Con 2016!

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