Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Drag Queens, Shibari, and Dinner... Oh My!

This was a very full, very fun packed weekend. My original plans were set a drift after one of My dumber bitches/POM's forgot that when I say "You Have 24 Hours To Make Payment On All PayPal Requests" I really mean it. So My weekend money was late and it through off My plans for an Impact playdate I had planned this weekend with a very sexy... very curvy newbie to the Dungeon and her equally submissive studly tagalong boytoy. GODDAMMIT!!! I HATE STUPID CHEAP FUCKING FUCKTARD ASSHOLES THAT CAN ALWAYS SEEM TO REMEMBER TO CHECK IN EVERYDAY TO SEE MY FACE OR HEAR MY FUCKING VOICE, BUT SOMEHOW ARE ALWAYS LATE ON THEIR GODDAMN TRIBUTES FOR POM OR FINANCIAL DOMINATION... FUCKIN PATHETIC PIECES OF SHIT IS MORE LIKE IT!!!

Well anyhoooz and moving right along, LOLZ...
I had a kick-ass time at my "Doing It Black FemDomme Style" Shabari demo were I showed the Ladies how to do the ties for the "Pacifier", or like I like to call it the "That Will Make Him Stay Put Special" (an Adam's belt-style rope corset with slipknot loops for the hands to be placed at the sides so that the boy can be placed in a chair or to a whipping post with no use of his hands and very little balance) which the little group found most delightful. After saying My goodbyes to the hostess I made My way home. Halfway there I realized I was in a "watch two men makeout (or worse...yayz!!!) gay club" kinda mood. So with Houseboy alden in tow playing as chauffeur I had a good ole fashioned Drag Queen loving' time @ BackStreet Night Club , so I had no rain on My parade as far as My entertainment for the evening was concerned.

My Sunday fared just as well doing another Shabari demo for a friend, but minus the Drag Queens this time...lol. I enjoyed more long conversations of spankings, rape, art, collars and body worship with my SGsp that ended with what I believe was his first over the phone orgasm denial/cock training (it makes Me smile when I'm in total control a boys penis ^_^)...

Now Monday was the doosie... Out of left field I get a nice to the point "I bucked up Mistress" email from the brat of a boy that was supposed to build My new Queening throne, but flaked at the last minute without a words notice or explanation. After doing the last of My Shabari demos for the month and a Black Dommes/Doms mini-munch he met Me for drinks and dinner (his dime of course) so that he could explain himself, have a break from the drama of his VERY far too real world, and have a small stool in the corner of My wicked one (more fun here anyway... we have candy...lolz). After 6 drinks and many laughs later I allowed him back into My creepy little fold **evil grinz**. Then like every night for the past week now it was time for SGsp to give me another performance of a lifetime via AT&T. And like always he never fails to bring a cruel smirk to my face as he begs and ever so slightly howls for release. Just another "Manic Monday" I guess...lol.

Till Later Ciao' 4 Now,


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