Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Few Words from Swt_T from Impact of Memphis about "Sample Your Fantasy" 6/26/10...

Hope to see everybody this weekend for SYF. We're getting all geared up and have a great line up for your kinky pleasure. Without further ado, this is our SYF 2010 line up:

* The Electric Company (for all of your electrical needs): PowerGamez will be your guide. This will include the Electric Chair, violet wand and a TENS unit.

* The St. Catherine's Wheel: Take a ride on one of the Evilest Medieval torture devices- Ronald will be your Wheel Spinner.

* The art of Erotic Stapling: Corset lacings with out the corset-- Our sharp witted and well dressed Mistress Claire will be your guide to a very beautiful and erotic art.

* Whips-- Lord Dixxy will be whipping you up to a frenzy in the Shackled Pleasures room.

* You're Fire!-- Master Richard will set your world on fire and you'll be begging for more.

* Try a Toy-- Mistress Mia will be your Toy Diva this year. We'll have a smorgasbord of famous and infamous toys for your kinky delight, including Flogzilla, Citizen Cane, and a couple of unbreakable lovely paddles called Sweet and Sour. We'll also have a horse hair flogger, a fur flogger, some Boingers, and a ton of other toys donated for your use on SYF by our awfully generous (and helpful!, don't forget helpful) members.
* Stick it to me baby: Countessa will get under your skin when she demonstrates the art of needle play.

* Knife play: You call that A knife? Well, I (yes me- Swt T) will show you a knife and some other tips for safe, fun and oh so sexy knife play.

* Tying one on: One of my favorite Shabari Masters- Chris will show you how to tied up or tie one down. And it's all good. If you're more into giving than receiving, his lovely rope model, mel, will be there for you to practice on.

* And last but not a bit in the least, Cauterization Branding with Rook. And He promises, it won't hurt a bit. ;-)

Damn, I can't wait.


Swt T

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